This post is for my good friends who were rooting for me even though they had tight schedules. Tamerra Griffin, Genet Lakew…..Ladies, You are the best.
For a funny video of this event, please visit as WordPress has refused me uploading an MP.4 because I don’t have a premium account. It is just an MP.4 Y’know!


I have written this post a couple of times in the past but something always always happens to make it disappear before I post it. This time, I hope it stays.
Today, I am competing in the NYU University games as a Sumo Wrestler for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. I know absolutely nothing about Sumo wresting besides the fact that those guys are HUGE and are ENUCHs! Two things I am neither, however, we need to win something. One of the guys tell me GSAS usually comes in bottom. I will participate in Volleyball (it’s been a while) and Sumo Wrestling – which none of the other girls want to do and I bet my black butt, we will win something.
I go into the kitchen, look in the fridge and decide I need to eat everything that would energize me and help me win. I remove sausages, eggs, parsley, wholegrain bread, yams along with a huge pot of decaf to maintain a balance. I don’t want to be too hyper. I still have 4 hours of lecture to attend before the games later at 5pm. I eat everything I take out of the fridge. Remember, I need to perform a miracle later tonight. Nicely sated, I head downtown Manhattan to Cooper square after which I walk over to Broadway for my photography class. I finish at exactly 5pm and wheedle my already tired classmates to come along and cheer me at the gym. Two of them come along.
A couple of kosher sandwiches which I could not swallow, then I meet the captain of my team – a well built fellow with a british accent and a particularly supportive team member, Samir. I am psyched for my game.
I couldn’t swallow my sandwich so I left it on the table thankful I had ate like a Sumo wrestler this morning.
After what feels like a 5 minute rehearsal, the volleyball game begins. A couple of serves later, we were out. Oh well, there is still the Sumo. I am particularly enthusiastic to try something new. The Sumo game is announced, Samir cheers for me but needless, my heart is racing, two cups of water isn’t achieving the calming effect I was aiming for. I move to the mat where my team members help me into the heavy, rank Sumo suit. Dang! It felt like a ton and now I wish I had golfed down that sandwich earlier.
First game, I step aside at the crucial moment like I have been told. It’s real easy – grab and pull your opponent off the mat or step aside and push them past the line or pull them to the ground and remain standing on top of them or beside them, just be on top. Real easy eh? Not when you are wearing a suit that feels as heavy as a whole human being.
Second game, clear. Third game, narrowly cleared. I am breathing hard by now. Tired and wishing it would all just go away.
Fourth game, was the semi-finals and I was pushing against a girl that had won her previous three fights like me. Frankly, I am not sure I could pull her down to the ground like I did her predecessor but am going to try. Still pushing against each other, the referee blows and awards her the point. I was out! Whew! What a relief! I could finally breathe. To say I was dissapointed I did not get the point is to put it mildly but I was glad I was out of the suit.
Here I was chilling with my team members allowing them tell me I did good today because Female Sumo Wresting was the only game GSAS went past the first round. My spirits lifted a little. Then, I got called back to the mat: referee had decided afterall that I won the point and not the other girl. Dear Lord, mercy! Anyway, Samir drags me back to the mat, helps me into the heavy sweaty suit once more and GSAS finishes in 3rd place.
I learnt 3 things today – I can do anything I set my mind to, If I try new things, I may excel at them and ‘impossible’ is just an adjective.

Here’s a link to the video

Next time, I should tell the story of my cute cute swim instructor – Roger. *batting eyelashes