If pests (rat, mice, roach, ants) in your house can’t be bothered to eat it, then it is a good indication you should avoid feeding it to your system. These foods are what I consider “dead foods” because they add no nutritional value to your body. Research from FDA has shown that when you leave whole foods out overnight or for 48hours, you may return and find that pests have been through it. However, when we buy overly processed foods, we find that sometimes wherever we leave them is exactly how we return to find them. This does not mean your house is literarily pest free, it simply means the food is too useless for the pest to bother with.

You can run a home test to decide what foods you should buy and which to avoid by simply leaving a part of it on the kitchen counter overnight and see if it gets eaten or not. Simple – if pests avoid these dead foods because they can harm their body, we should also treat them as poisonous to our body.

We all love the ease with which noodles quickly give way to the heat and is ready to eat. Unfortunately, we have heard many times to avoid this fast food because it has no health benefits and can only harm our body in the long run. Allow me to reiterate here that if you are stuck on noodles, you are feeding on DEAD FOOD not only because the mice and roach in your house won’t touch it(you may experiment) but also because the MSG (monosodium glutamate) in its seasoning is designed to trick your food palate into tasting something delicious while your body is gouging on its poison. Fortunately, while the mice will avoid your indomie packs, they would attack your spaghetti which shows you may have a healthy alternate to noodles because whatever remains in spaghetti, was obviously removed from noodles. Reduce the cartons of noodles you buy at the end of the month, and make up for it with healthier options.

In recent times, we want everything to be ready immediately so we made our yam into yam flour, poundo yam, wheat flour by stripping wheat grain of all its fibre and wholesome foods, beans flour, maize flour and all the new flours we have on our kitchen shelves now. Did you know that to get these flours made, fibres, good enzymes, natural starch/sugar, have all been removed from these foods to replace them with industrial sugars, mostly synthesized enzymes and MSG to make everything taste better. Do not be deceived. If the pest don’t want it, leave it out of your shopping list too. If you do not have a friendly pest that can sniff the food to let you know it is dead, consider investing in one (just kidding). However, you could consider buying fresh foods and storing them in airtight containers or deep freezers (electricity has improved).

Make your own frozen vegetables and potato. Buy fresh carrots, green peas, green beans, fresh corn, slice and dice them, put them in a ziploc bag and deep freeze them. They can last up to two to three weeks if your electricity is constant and you do not introduce water into the bag. Buy Irish potato, wash and slice, store in ziploc bags and deep freeze for a week or two maximum. Limit your need to visit the frozen vegetables section at the mall. It is not natural for your vegetable to last that long. Healthier, wholesome options may not be easy to do but honestly, nothing good comes easy.

Finally, for the part we may all like to deny. Yes, you are exactly what you eat. If you wonder why your gut protrudes even though you do not consume beer or alcohol or you do it in moderation, it is because of what you eat, and when you eat it. If you do not have a gut and you think you are safe, you are not. How much longer can you keep feeding yourself these poisons and be safe? You may be lucky your body does not react with a bulging stomach but that may be a preferred indicator since there are other less pleasant ways for your body to complain – cardiovascular, pulmonary disease, hypertension, risk of clogged arteries, knee and joint pains, acne, diabetes, and especially, gradual sexual limitation where as a man, your libido is slowly but effectively reduced. All these or a few may be happening already which we may write off as getting older but unless you are past 60 years of age, you should not be at risk of these diseases if you eat healthy and stay away from DEAD FOODS.

Eat live foods. Stay healthy!