Hello faithful readers and subbies, I was really excited writing this episode. I hope some of my enthusiasm in writing it would transfer as you read and enjoy.
Enjoy and leave a comment. Thank you for following thus far. And for all those that complained about length, I hope this is lengthy enough for your weekend. ha-ha.

This week’s episode is dedicated to love, to loving and to all those who hope for love. Two more to go….

Returning to her apartment, Malik surprises Lara by pulling her close, kissing her long and deep before letting her catch her breathe “I have wanted to do that since our first lunch date in Abuja” he said to a dazed Lara. For the second time in a fortnight, a guy had made her speechless.
She could only stare at him in silence watching as his head descended again for another taste of her lips. He sure took some kiss lessons she thought to herself
“What do you want to eat?” she asked finally able to remove herself from his firm embrace
“You!” he said simply from somewhere close behind her ears
Why was she feeling this way around Malik. It wasn’t like she had not already had a couple of wet dreams with him as the subject so why did she suddenly feel like a high school girl on her first kiss trip! She should pull herself together she said to herself firmly.
“Oh! Really? And how is me going to fill your empty stomach because you only get one choice of what to eat” she teased him back
“Never mind that. I am a man so allow me worry about what will fill my stomach and what won’t.” he replies still from somewhere too close for comfort behind her ears.
It appeared he had somehow figured out her sensitive spot somewhere between the back of her neck and ear, so that he just kept his words directed towards that spot. The air leaving his mouth as he spoke softly was beginning to do things to her body so much that she was goose pimpling slowly from her neck down. She had to flip this back to safer grounds she thought as she turned to face him on their way to her snug kitchen.
“You know we could go to the Pizza place just at the end of my street” wrinkling her nose at the way it sounded, she tried again “Okay, I heard how that sounded even to myself considering this is your first time visiting me and considering you were on a flight that does not serve anything serious beyond colored cake and plenty of sugary drinks!” Even to her own ears, it sounded like she was blabbing. Malik kept staring at her mouth like he recently stumbled across it on Discovery Channel.
Please don’t kiss me again else I won’t be able to pull back Lara was mumbling to herself absently as she stood rooted before Malik undecided what to say or do next. She had expected their relationship would progress beyond friendship naturally but she had assumed with the Fulani blood running in Malik’s veins, that she would need to do the seducing and come-hither moves before he would make catch on. This wasn’t the way she had expected it to happen and definitely not within the first thirty minutes of his getting into her apartment. In all the three weeks she had known Malik, he had been the perfect gentleman, with good control of his hands, his language and did not make her feel their relationship was about just the physical. Right now though, she wasn’t sure he had not just been playing the gentleman to get her to trust him and allow him into her apartment without reservations. If anything seriously physical had happened between them before now, she would have suggested he lodged in a hotel with a standard lie of “having a roommate”. It seemed too late right now. He was here and he wanted ‘her’ for dinner.
“Are you done contemplating how I am suddenly a pig and how I plan to take advantage of you” he asked when it looked like she had reached the end of her idle contemplation.
Gasping lightly, she looked sharply at him to see what else he had deduced from her transparent face. She had forgotten that unlike Dele, Malik appeared to know what she was thinking at every point.
“Why would you say that?” hesitantly
“Because I can read your face like a visual aid” he said simply
“Well…..I wasn’t exactly thinking…..err…you know…” she stammered
“You don’t have to feel guilty for your thoughts. Besides, I have behaved like the pig you rightly thought since I got here. I apologize. However, I feel a really strong pull towards you so do not totally blame me. Fortunately, my mother did a good job on me and I can control myself. I will practice some control for now but I warm you that after we have had dinner, I may not be so good with my self-discipline on a full tummy” he smiled at her managing to get a smile from her too.
Relieved, she turned back towards the kitchen “So, what would you like to have? I can make stir-fried greens with elbow macaroni and chopped chicken breast”
“Sounds good to me. You always know what to suggest so my tummy would approve. Just hear it growl, it suddenly remembers it is empty” making her laugh this time with pleasure at the flattery
“Fortunately, I also brought a bottle of wine which I believe would complement the meal nicely. Let me remove it from my box so it can sit and breathe” he told her as he turned back the way they had come. She waited to hear him unzip his bag. The sound was a while in coming but just as she straightened to open the cupboard a bit above her head, she heard the sound.
Removing the widest heavy pan hanging on the rack, she prepared to make a meal Malik would remember. Reaching for the refrigerator door, Lara absently scanned her kitchen shelves for things she would need to make the meal work – fresh carrots, chilli, onions, ground parsley, some garlic, some ground black pepper… this point she was hoping Malik’s tummy would approve of all the spices she planned to use in the meal as she did not imagine she could make a bowl of even noodles without using some garlic and parsley in it. Finally pulling the refrigerator open, she takes the chicken breast she bought two days ago. It was skinless. That was usually a good sign. It meant the fat attached to the skin was off and she could just fillet away and saute the filleted pieces in the olive oil heating in the pan.
Absently humming while she worked, she was so lost in what she was doing that she did not realize Malik had been standing inside the door watching her. Briefly startled, she smiled at him.
“How long have you been standing there?” she inquired
“Not too long. Just as you were about to blind yourself with the chilli and onions as you poured it into the chicken” he chuckled
“That’s almost from the beginning. Naughty you! You should have said something so I would know you were here”
“Why? So that you could give me something to chop too? Lailai” he laughed
“Lazy man! You all want to eat but not do the work eh?”
“With pleasure. Was it not you begging me to eat some minutes ago? So, we just do you people a favor by eating” he pursued the banter in an effort to relieve some tension.
“Oh! A favor eh? In that case, Please don’t eat o. I don’t need the favor anymore. Please don’t eat”
“Ah! But now I have to. You don’t have a ‘Bingo’ to eat your leftovers so I have to do my best and save you also from ‘spoilage’ and ‘wastage’” laughing harder at her
She had turned away from the stove and was looking at him with mirth contained in her eyes as she shook her head.
“Never mind the ‘spoilage and wastage’. I will save the leftovers in my refrigerator. Please don’t eat o”
“Okay I surrender. With all the nice aroma coming from that pan. I have to eat this food till my tummy screams ‘stop!’”
They both laugh as she turns back to continue stirring the contents of the pan. She had just added a sieve full of steamed elbow macaroni.
“Dinner would soon be served sir” adding a mock curtsy “You should go fold yourself into a chair while I bring you a tray” she added
“Alright ma’am. I would take the wine from the makeshift ice bucket to the coffee table while I wait for you” turning to leave, he stops to add “I love your place. Nothing is excessive. It is all so comfy and functional”
“Thank you sir” preening
After dinner, Malik’s phone started to ring. Picking it up on the second ring
“Hello, Mama. Good evening. I’m sorry I did not call you as soon as I got to my friend’s place. I told you I would be staying with Lara.”
“Did you forget? Yes, she was the one that brought you the lilac flowers at the hospital. Yes, she is fine. She just made me dinner” he informed his mother reaching out to rub Lara’s neck affectionately
Friend? Friend? Did he just tell his mother I am ‘his friend’! I thought he said he wanted us to try a relationship and see how it works? I thought he was just trying to get into my pants some few minutes after he entered my apartment? And we are just friends eh? Oh! We will see about that she promised herself rolling smoothly to her feet simultaneously clearing the coffee table of the remnants from dinner.
Watching her go, Malik knew he had some explaining to do. He needed to wrap up fast with his mother before Lara had more time to dwell on whatever it was that had annoyed her in his conversation. That ass was too tight to sleep untouched tonight! He mused randomly.
“Do you want to shower now or before you sleep?” she asked politely
“Now would be fine. Thank you” came his response
“Do you need hot water or would you be fine the Gidi way” she asked again
“What is the Gidi way?” he almost snorted
“Straight from the shower or tap”
“I see. I will try the Gidi way and if I can’t survive it, be ready with a tub of sauna-tempered water to immerse me in” he tried to make her smile. It didn’t work
“What’s the matter ife mi?” he inquired making her look sharply at him. Why was he calling her ‘ife mi’? Didn’t he just inform his mother that they were just friends? What game is this man playing now?
“ What did you say?”
“What did you just call me?” she pushed
“Ife mi” simply
“Yes? Why would you say that? Ain’t we just friends? Isn’t that what you just told your mother?” she spat out angrily
Oh Finally! So, that was what this was about.
“My mother is old and would not understand if I told her I was staying with my girlfriend. Would you have preferred I told her you are my girlfriend and not my friend and let her begin to think terrible things about you?” Taking the two steps that separated them, he held her shoulders forcing her to turn towards him.
“Look at me Lara. I told her you were my friend for your sake. I was trying to protect you from her prejudice. In my mother’s age, girlfriends were sneered upon as sluts. No one wanted to be a girlfriend. Only betrothed and affianced. I want to be able to introduce you to her as my fiancee not girlfriend. Do you understand?” he cajoled
She was still playing mute trying to weigh his words to see if she should believe him or if he was just a joke. Then he did it again. Holding her in his embrace and speaking to the back of her neck.
“I’m sorry ife mi. Forgive me. I’m sorry” he kept muttering on a refrain unaware that he was making her skin tingle and if had been a man, a part of her anatomy may have been the only warning he would get.
She felt weird. Trying to be angry with a man and then turning to liquid cheese because he inadvertently keeps stumbling upon her sensitive spot. She needed to put some space between them. Trying to step out of his embrace, Malik interpreted it as her still being mad at him, so he tightens his hold almost crushing her as he resumed repeating his new mantra “I’m sorry Ife mi. I’m sorry. Please say you forgive me”
“I’m not angry anymore” she managed to croak in a very husky voice
Hearing the emotion in her voice, Malik was startled. He looked down at her face, noticed the dark heavy look in her eyes and instinctively realized what had happened. He didn’t pause long enough to analyze his luck, he mustered another ‘I’m sorry’ before claiming her lips. The response was spontaneous.
She found herself responding without holding back, easily sinking into him. She was giving all of herself to his kiss without meaning to. Was this a release from all the pent up wet-Malik-dreams or was this as a result of his making her tingle. It could also just be curiosity on his part, wanting to figure out what she would taste like for dessert. She did not care anymore. Shutting out the niggling voice, she allowed herself float into his taste with a sigh. Dang! He even tasted better in the flesh than he had in her dreams she thought to herself.
“I should take that bath now” he said breaking away abruptly, shaking slightly. He had not expected her complicit response. Her response was like a sedative. He needed to take a shower to calm down first. He hadn’t hoped for so much.
“Okay” she agreed calculating immediately that she would call Dele while Malik was in the shower so he doesn’t call her at an inconvenient time e.g when Malik was getting her thong off or something. Which thong do I even have on today? Is it the flowery one Dele got me for Easter? She wondered before going to look for her phone. Six missed calls. Five from Dele. Ol boy! Dele is gonna bite my head off now. Waiting to hear the shower run before hitting call back.
“Hey baby!” she croons prepared to lie through her teeth if need be to placate her big baby.
He wasn’t saying anything which meant he was probably listening for background noise to figure out where she was or he was really angry. Thankfully, the shower sounds did not filter into the kitchen where she went to place the call.
“Baby, you are not answering me? I’m sorry I missed your calls. I left my phone in my bag all the way in traffic and when I got indoors, I just dumped the bag in the bedroom and rushed to the kitchen trying to fix dinner and my tomorrow’s lunch for work”
“I’m sorry naa. I just remembered I should call you before you sleep and then I saw your missed calls. Talk to me plsssss”
“Baby, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What else do you want me to say? Okay, I love you baby, sleep tight and dream of me. Goodnight since you won’t speak to me” she said and when he still didn’t say anything after two seconds, she hung up feeling weird. Dele was weird, sulky and unpredictable. He picked her call but did not say anything for the duration. Why ever did he pick up! She was slightly pissed. Just then her phone vibrates in her palm. She turns it over to read the text that just came in.
“LOL. You sounded real contrite and convincing. Sleep tight baby. I just wanted to hear your voice. It was enough for me. *smile*”
Sometimes, Dele was just a sweetooth. She began to smile as she turned off her phone for the night listening to Malik rummaging in his box. She tacitly stayed where she was pretending to be busy with the dinner dishes and cleaning imaginary dust motes off the counter-top.
Hands crept round her waist pulling her against his firm chest. Her breathe escaped in a soft whoosh as she dropped the pretend dusting cloth in her hands to savor the moment. He was nibbling on her ears. She had figured out by this time that Malik was one of those guys that wanted to feel in control of the seduction. He needed to feel like the initiator and the abuser. He could not handle if the woman has a strong response or met him stroke for stroke. She had concluded that if she was going to finally get some piece of Malik outside dreamland, she better start playing like a Hausa girl would – docile, surprised, with the right dash of receptive. She allowed him nibble some more because she knew the 5 ft air conditioners in her office and the one in her car did not allow her enough room to sweat so she still smelled fresh from the day’s work. He began with her shoulder, moving her blouse aside to graze lightly on the soft skin underneath.
“ I should go take a shower too” she said to determine if he thought she needed a shower or smelt clean enough by his standards
“Not right now, you don’t. I like the way your skin tastes” he told her making her eyes pop. Hmmn. This ‘malo’ boy has some flow in him. Deciding she would just let him have his wicked way with her while she laid back, enjoyed and pretend to be docile. Ha-ha! This is gonna be fun she promised her naughty side.
“So, when will I take my shower?” she teased
“Hmm? Oh that! When I’m done with what I have in mind he said scooping her up immediately. Ignoring her yelp of surprise, he carried her back to the bedroom. She was surprised. He had straightened out the bedspread and flung some pale rose petals on the sheet with pieces of Hershey chocolate on the bed spelling “STAY WITH ME PLS”. She was speechless for the second time that night by the same man. When he had said earlier “when I’m done with what I have in mind”, she had automatically assumed it was just plain old sex but it seemed Malik had managed to exceed her imagination twice in the same night and impress her throughly. She was so surprised, she had not even noticed her feet were back on the floor.
“What do you think?” he asked her when she didn’t say anything for a long time and just kept staring at the bed like she just saw a snake forking its tongue out at her.
“I’m speechless Malik. I never expected any man would do this for me. What do you expect me to say?” she had a film of tears in her eyes
“Say you will stay ife mi. I am falling hard for you and I want you to be by me always….not literarily anyway. You know what I mean”
“Yes, I do. I’ll stay” she leans into him to kiss him “Thank you for asking so nicely” she adds as his body begins to respond particularly a part of his anatomy was all the warning she got before she found herself tumbling onto the sheets, Hershey flying all over and one wayward rose petal straying into her mouth. They were both laughing.
“But tell me, how did you bring all this with you on the plane?” she stopped him long enough to ask
“Well, The petals were wrapped. I bought a dozen roses from the flower shop at Maitama and had my mother’s house help pick each petal from its thorny cocoon then pack it in a Ziploc bag to keep fresh. The Hersheys were easier. I just walked into a supermarket and there they were sitting, smiling and singing “bring me to Lara” so I brought them along Ha-ha” he kissed her briefly again
“Everything was well sealed so the airline didn’t have any issues with it being inside the plane” he told her.
“Thank you”. She said again shoving one of the Hershey she had just unwrapped into his open mouth as he paused to say something else. Laughing at his surprised face as he chewed the chocolate, then tried to kiss her with the gooey mess while she clamped her lips together swinging her head from side to side. He laughed at her finally kissing her with half of the original mess in his mouth.
“I love you Lara”
She stopped laughing and stared at him in shock. Now, this was the third rude shock he was giving her tonight. Was the man all about shocking a girl continuously till she was carried off to the E.R? He didn’t even allow her enough time to digest the choc and rose petals. Number two on her bucket list. Even Dele had never done half as much in all their dating history. Should she say something about the “I Love you Lara” thing or not?
“What did you really come to do in Lagos?” she said instead. Something kept telling her there was nothing in his box and he had made the trip solely to see her.
“If I told you I came just because of you, would you believe me?” he said
Okay. I only imagined it. I didn’t say I wanted for it to be true now did I? Please don’t let his box be empty she prayed as he got off the bed to get his box.
Pulling open his box, she found it was empty as empty. Just an extra shirt and folded shorts nestled inside the box.
This man had truly come all the way from Abuja with a bottle of wine for dinner, chocolates and mutilated rose petals to ask me to “pls stay with him?”. There has got to be more to this than just ‘staying with each other’ business. Now, this was one of those rare times a man was allowed to say “I came to town just to see you” she said to herself.


8 thoughts on “LIES WOMEN TELL #13

  1. Now tell me why I wouldn’t like this episode over and over.
    Malik seems one that can tickle Lara’s fancy but will it not fade? The initial ‘gizz-gizz’ that comes with attractionis definitely here between the duo, conveniently pushing Dele (and Mofe remotely) away.
    I’ll just wait for what you’ve got up your sleeve before I conclude. Praying Farouk doesn’t end up as a deceiver tho…
    Good work prettyhead. Bravo

    • LOL. Lara neva ceases to surprise me with what she would do every week. Mofe was neva an issue just a passing distraction.
      I can’t wait to see what Lara will do next week. ****wink
      Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  2. That thing called love…it creeps up on u when u least expect..problem is it myt happen with d wrong person… I just hope malik is for oga dele can take several seats abeg #possesiveMuch… Good episode… Keep it coming…

    • You know, I agree with you Sheedart about Love and Dele. I hope Malik is for real too o.
      Thank you for dropping your comments.
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  3. for the sake of love/sex, he came right from Abuja to Lagos…..
    Dele u better b careful n watchful over Ur so called love(lara).
    as for Lara, I think her lies will pin her down one day….. good job Aunty…… till next week.

    • Ha-ha-ha! Phredoh you should be in a better position to tell us Malik’s real reason in coming to visit o.
      Dele is slacking naa. This is a case of ‘alagbara gba iyawo ole(the powerful man snatches the lazy man’s wife)’
      *wide grin
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