Episode #6

arrrrrrrrrgh! I want to scream endlessly. What am I going to write this week! aarrgh!

Entwined in each other’s arms, spent. Dele caressed a hip while she reflected.

“Sit down. Daddy we are waiting for you”, she called.

“You see, Dele cannot marry before I say so. He is not ready and I cannot feed him, feed his wife and feed a baby too. What if you get pregnant immediately. No, he is not ready”

Smiling wistfully, she glances at Dele willing him to counter his mother. He stared blankly.

“Dele won’t you say something?”

“No! I have nothing to say”, came the response.


“There is nothing to say now. What do you want me to say?”

“Alright”, he said, turning to his parents, “Thank you. I have heard all you said”, she added, seething inside because it appeared his dad was just there as a prop. His mother had taken the unanimous decision and nothing it seemed would change it.

Returning to the present, she wondered if Dele was in limbo when his mother made that announcement which had rocked her entire being. She wondered if he thought his mum saw him as ‘ready’ now and would give her consent. She had cried bitterly for days, trying to make him man up and convince his mum but he would not listen to her arguments only to suddenly feel in his head that they were going to get married. She would clear his doubts. She had chalked it up to a bad investment of time, body, emotions and money and decided to look somewhere else for ‘marriage’. However, the sex was great, she was holding on like a little monkey.


Somewhere back in Maitama, Malik was pacing a narrow, white corridor worrying if his mother was going to survive this attack. She was asthmatic. He had tried to tell her countless times to always carry her inhaler with her. She had never been able to determine what triggers her episodes. It appeared everything and nothing could bring on an attack. Fortunately, God compensates people in different ways. Her episodes although very severe, sometimes necessitating hospitalization, were few and far in between. She had been in the bathroom when this particular episode came on. The maid had been waiting for her to give her money for some errand. When she had failed to make a timely exit from the bathroom, the maid had wandered closer and heard the strange wheezing sound. That, coupled with Malik’s arrival for his every Friday visit was the saving grace for the old woman. His mother was all he had and he always made it known to all that cared that she was his ‘alpha and omega’.

His mind began to wander to the day’s activities, and Lara, when the door opened and he spotted the white lab coat.

“You are still here? Incredulous!”. He blinked, trying to gather himself some comportment.

I told you she would be fine. Its not as bad as her last episode. We have placed her on oxygen and some medication. She will stay for a couple of days and we will discharge her” the doctor informed

“Oxygen! and you say she is fine. Doctor, please tell me truly how she is. Is she awake? Has she said anything yet?” he was anxious

“Be calm Mr. Abdullahi. Your mother will be fine. You brought her just in time. The oxygen is just so she does not stress her lungs. So that she can rest easily. She will be fine. You should go home and get some sleep”

“No. I will stay at the reception. If by morning she opens her mouth and says something, I will agree she will be fine and go home”

“Aren’t you working tomorrow? How would your business fare?

“Haba Doc! That’s not going anywhere fa. I can’t put business ahead of my mother o”,h e replied, trying to be as cheery as possible.

If he was correctly reading her, Lara would presume he had rushed home to be with his wife. He had not bothered explaining to her because his heart had been in his throat. It was all he could do not to have screamed in frustration at the time it would take him in the traffic to get to her side. He was relieved she was going to be okay as he headed to the reception to wait till morning. The maid was stretched across one of the arm chairs drooling saliva from the corner of her mouth. “The poor girl got a fright today“, he thought as he made to sit. He didn’t blame her if she passed out so ungraciously. He was thankful she had enough sense to take the initiative and call him immediately instead of trying to play heroine with his mother’s life. He would not have forgiven her despite the intention.


Drifting off into sleep, the last thing on her mind was Malik. Wondering if he would call her in the morning or if she should call him first. Debating the merits of waiting for his call, she fell into a deep sleep.

‘What wonderful melodies were this in dreamland today she thought as she dreamt of Usher’s Good kisser. It ceased abruptly and she continued walking down an unfamiliar street”

Dele looked at the phone ringing, noticed it was stored as ‘Malik plane’ and turned away


She didn’t pick up. Was she asleep already? Wanting to apologize for his attitude in the afternoon, he had not considered that she may be asleep already. It was 11pm. He would just drive straight to her friend’s place in the morning when he goes home for a change of clothes and apologize in person he told himself as he settled for the night.


“Baby why are you awake? Are you worrying about something again?” Lara queried.

“No”, he replied and added a sigh.

“What’s the time?”

Three a.m”

“So why are you awake at three in the morning if you are not worrying? What is it?”, she managed to sit up and hold him.

He responed with another deep sigh.

“What do I say to this little liar of mine? Should I tell her Malik called and watch her eyes glaze over in search of a defensive lie or should I tell her about Dapo going for study in Malaysia to toy with her temper or should I just tell her what I’m really worrying about – getting married to her?”

He smiled at her and pulled her into a tight embrace. For all her lies, he could not fault that she was a caring, giving person. She would sit up with him during his black spells. No, he could not fault her totally.

If I’m going to marry this girl though, we better have a talk about these ‘cute’ little lies she keeps telling under the impression that I’m ignorant of the true happenings. But where do I start addressing the issue?…”

Realizing she was still waiting for him to tell her what was bothering him, he wasn’t sure where to begin

“I love you”

“I love you too but what’s bothering you this time?” she persists

“Dapo wants to go to Malaysia”

“And donate his kidney or what?”

He looks at her sideways. “No, na to donate his liver”, he hisses and they both laugh. She knew how to help his anxiety and he could laugh with her no matter what was bothering him.

“He wants to go for a Masters degree in Business Accounting. I wanted to talk to you about it first before signing the check”

“Me? talk to me first, why?”

“Because I want to know how you feel about it”

“Seriously, is this what kept you awake at three in the morning?, she exclaimed“He is your brother and it is your money. What did you think I would say about this? If you think it is a good idea, of course he should go then. You would know what is best”

Studying her face quietly.

“I didn’t stay awake to ask you because I couldn’t decide if it was a good idea. You won’t allow me finish before you start speaking”, he said, trying hard to hide his irritation. He paused and faced her squarely,

“I told you about it because I was thinking we should do our wedding by November this year but if I sign the check, I would be short of cash and November won’t happen. So, I’m asking you to know if November is what you want or you can wait till early next year” . He went quiet, waiting for her to speak.

This was her chance and she grabbed it without stalling-“Oh! Baby, you should let your brother go to school. I can wait till next year. I’m not going anywhere” she said, rubbing his back.

“You will tell me all about it in the morning on your way to work. let’s sleep now” she suggested. Spooning as close as possible, he finally lets himself go to sleep chased by $650 checks.


3 thoughts on “LIES WOMEN TELL #6

  1. I pity Dele and folks in his shoes sha. They get their lives controlled by overbearing parents. Can’t take a stand or decide without ‘mum and dad’s consent’. SHAME!!!
    The cute little lies ehn…na real wa
    Big ups Mami. I know you won’t have to struggle to write episode 7. I await

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