“Good evening broda”

“Evening Dapo. Come inside”

“Did you cook anything? am hungry” he announces

“Do I look like a woman? You can stop at the eatery when you leave” Dele replies suggesting one good reason for Dapo not to sleep over

“So, let’s do this quick. You wanted to see me about something……….”

“Yes. something quite important too”

Settling into the couch opposite each other, Dele suddenly notices his brother is carrying a folder. “What is that you are holding? Have you brought money for me? I could really use some y’knw”

“Hmmn same here. That’s what I actually came to see you about. I would like to go to Malaysia for an MSc in Business Accounting. John Brown University has offered me an unconditional admission. I just need to pay a deposit of $650 to secure my seat in class” he gushes. He was not really skilled with approaching money issues or so he kept telling himself but for this, he was ready to stick his foot everywhere including his mouth.

He was watching Dele carefully digest, weigh and select his response. It won’t be long in coming now – the verdict – Dele would pronounce .

“Why Malaysia?”

Dapo was startled out of his reverie and was looking puzzled at the question.

“Why Malaysia?” he echoes dazedly “I was thinking you would ask why John Brown and not “why Malaysia” grumbling

“Why John Brown is not a question for me to ask. Your admission officer is responsible for that question and it is safe to assume you were able to convince him that’s why we are having this discussion.”

“‘Am asking you ‘Why Malaysia’ because that is what the officer at the embassy will ask during your Visa interview. However, seeing you don’t even know the answer yourself, there is no point to this discussion………excuse me while I go do something with my time” he stands to his feet with his brother’s mouth slack-jawed and almost hitting the ground

Dapo immediately joins Dele on his feet simultaneously grabbing his arm and trying to pull him back into the couch as he opens his mouth  to form a response.

“I am not exactly sure what you want me to say to that question”

“I am sorry sir but your visa has been denied. Please feel free to reapply or appeal if you disagree with the interview result” Dele intones in a high-sounding ‘visa-officer-wanna-be-voice’

“No. No. No. I mean I don’t know what exactly to say” Dapo tries to correct himself

“That’s also fine sir. You may return when you are sure of yourself. Denied” Dele goes off again

Dapo finally catching unto his big brother’s game, realizes his forward thinking brother has already approved and is fast-tracking to his visa interview to the one question in his opinion which swings the interview to a ‘Approved’ or a ‘Denied’. His big brother has so much faith in him. He wasn’t even questioning his motive. He was now confident knowing his brother believed he could do this.

“It could have been the United States, Europe or somewhere else, but I choose Malaysia because of the large student body from Nigeria already there so I won’t feel out of place. I also chose Malaysia because the quality of education is above standard and an MSc in Business Accounting will be recognized along sides an MSc from any school in Europe or even America.” feeling confident with himself now at the look on his brother’s face, he smiles and decides to remind Dapo about the money. He seems to have forgot that part  “Besides, I will be spending so much on this education, I appreciate that I will be getting my money’s worth so I can do something valuable with the degree besides securing a good position when I return to Nigeria.”

Dapo’s smile falters a bit. Yes, he had gotten excited and forgotten about the financial part. How cute of Dele to remind him like that.

“Please return in 2 weeks for your visa. Approved. Come on Thursday”

“Thank you sir” barely able to contain his excitement. Does this translate into Dele giving him a cheque by next week thursday? what exactly did that mean or was that just the end of the mock-drama? He would soon find out he told himself.


Lara finishes bathing, throws on the tiny sheath Dele hangs in his wardrobe for her visits and started downstairs thinking Dapo must have left considering the length of time she spent in the bathroom. She is stuck somewhere in between the staircase and the foyer where both men would be able to see her clearly. The conversation had proved interesting thus far so she stayed out of sight, listening. Riotous thoughts ran through her head.

“So Dele was going to finance this thing to Malaysia where it is said that students do not focus on their studies but get into drugs, into trouble with drug barons, club all week and donate their kidneys to pay up their drug debts”

Shaking her head to clear it of the traitorous thought, she says to herself instead “Is this where Dele wants to send this boy? He didn’t even question his motive!”

They were speaking again “If he is fine with his brother losing a kidney, then am not going to lose sleep over it” she shrugs and continues eavesdropping as the men resume their discussion.


“I will think about your proposal even though it seems it is a win-win for you” Dele resumes

“Uhh?” Dapo swallows

“Oh! you expect I have the money in the top drawer of my bedroom and will just walk in and waltz out and hand it over to you?” He laughs a rare deep bellied laugh

“My friend, things do not happen that way in the real world okay? I will think about it, look through my finances, discuss with Lara since you know we plan to get married soon too and see how much we can squeeze ourselves” He is looking distractedly into space now as he continues to list things to be considered in this venture. Dapo’s face had closed off at the mention of Lara. He just couldn’t understand why his brother had to bring her into this “They were not even married yet” hiss

Dele is oblivious to to Dapo’s annoyance.

“I would call mum and ask her what she wants me to do in this matter. We would have to find a good time for you to tell me what your plans are with this degree, etc. Just leave the folder on the table here so I an go through it and we can talk afterwards” He tries to soften his voice

“Fine” Dapo was obviously still annoyed. It will be good if he travelled after the wedding to give both Lara and himself time away from all these. Perhaps, by the time he returned, he would have matured enough to accept her.



“We are getting married!” incredulously

“We discussed this already and I agreed? When did he even ask me!”

“Married eh?”Lara snorts as she flees back upstairs. This discussion was over anyway. She would re-enter and pretend she was just stepping out of the bathroom.


The front door closes and the vibration runs through the door frame as Dele folds into a straight back beside the door allowing everything he was holding fall to the ground as he rubs his eyes tiredly.

‘Bills! Bills! Bills! always a new bill. Just when he thought he was done paying for everything in his family and can now concentrate on planning a wedding party with his beloved…….his brother wants to go to Malaysia and sample drugs plus donate a kidney!”

“This must be another harebrained scheme with the help of that scatterbrained friend of Dapo’s whose name does not even worth remembering. I need to talk to mama. I have told her to keep her son away from that boy. Dapo must really think am stupid. Malaysia indeed! And now, he has succeeded in ruining my libido for tonight. I just hope Lara didn’t hear any of this and has simply fallen asleep after waiting for me.” looking at the face of his illuminated watch ‘just 10pm’ he groans realizing there was no way Lara was asleep already. He didn’t wanna have this discussion or touch a woman this night.

Ascending the stairs, he whistles softly. Lara hears him coming, quickly picks up her hairbrush and pretends to be combing out her weave with a smile plastered across her face. ‘Getting married eh? I will show him getting married’ she promises

He walks in. She is wearing ‘the sheath’. She must not have heard anything that went on downstairs. He is a bit relieved.

“Hey love” he calls out

“Hey sweets. I just stepped out of the bathroom” she says as he wraps his arms around her

“Really?” he intones dryly noticing her body was as warm as his and dry too. ‘My little liar’ he thinks. How does someone step out of a bath warm and dry! His little love and her tiny lies. He smiles into her hair burying his nose into her coconut scent. He wa beginning to feel something stir in his trousers. ‘was it just the coconut or was it the little lies that turned his on every time?’ he would worry about that later because he was not sure he could fathom why she was always dropping meaningless lies every time she opened her mouth.

Turning to meet his questing mouth, they walk slowly towards the huge kingsized bed, she sinks her back slowly into it, opening her arms to welcome him as he hurriedly separates himself from his clothing. They both momentarily forget the lie between them.


4 thoughts on “LIES WOMEN TELL EPISODE #5

  1. What’s with in-laws who don’t always see eye to eye sef? Haba!!!
    And our cute lil’ liar ehn. We all do shey? Something just comes in between and the lies get forgotten momentarily. The body needed satiating and not even the lies would disqualify the liar and the hearer from doing the do *lips sealed*
    Saturday can sha like to come o

    • We dunno wats worrying both of ’em o. Perhaps tis a salient attraction. *wink* LOL @ ‘doing the do’…..I’ll pretend not to know what that is since ur lips are sealed too. Saturday-saturday can come sha
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