Episode #4

Arriving Dele’s office, he resumes auto-pilot, ordering everyone around as if he never left before disappearing into his office slamming the door shut.

Lara lingers at the reception desk to chat with the nice girl who sits there.

“Hey girl!”

“Hello ma”

“How have you been? It’s been a while”

“Four months three days” came the automated response

“Right. Even your boss can’t be as accurate as you.  How is the work going? Hope you are having fun while you can?”she inquires while the receptionists looks at her askance as if to say “How is that possible with the kind of boss we have!” but she says nothing only smiles.

“Does your boss still work late as usual or he has repented?”

“He still works late. He asks me to go ahead sometimes and he locks up afterwards”

“No strange visitors anymore?” Lara presses and at the careful look on the girl’s face, she pushes more “Is it that same lady I met in his office the last time?”

“No. No. That one has stopped coming here” the girl hisses “It’s just one woman from a different department that comes to see Oga before closing time. Then Oga will ask me to close before him and he locks up”

“I see.” Contemplating “Tell me Anna. Is three months too much to be away from a partner? because I don’t understand these our men these days”

Anna opens her mouth to reply the rhetorical question when the phone on her desk rings.

“Oga” she mouths at Lara

“Yessir. She is here sir. okay sir” handing the phone over to Lara “he wants to speak to you”

“Ain’t you gonna come in?” came the low voice

“Coming….” she began to reply but he had hung up

She shook her head, gathered up her purse and waved at Anna as she sashayed towards the closed door at the end of the hall. She knocked once and went inside.

Smiling at the man buried behind a pile of paperwork simultaneously reaching for the phone on his desk. He was always so busy once he stepped inside this building. It is as if a demon possessed him once he crossed the threshold into the building and they start bringing all their demonic demands to keep him occupied until closing time. He barely has the time to chat, laugh or entertain her once he was inside this office which was why she had to occupy herself with other pursuits or fathom ways to keep him longer at home each morning. She smiled again as he finished his call. He was yet to acknowledge her presence. She knew it wasn’t deliberate but she detested to be ignored so.

Reaching into her purse for her Blackberry, she chuckles to her phone as she begins replying her messages. This she was sure would get his attention. He was so selfish, he could ignore her while he buried himself in his work but once she picked up her phone he would go jealous like all the fiends of hell were reaching out of the phone to claim her away.

“aha! there you are. You know i don’t like you ignoring me for so long. Who are you smiling at on your phone again? Hope it isn’t one of those boys who do not know what to do with their time but to be harassing my wifey.” he starts

“You are too busy to have my time so am occupying myself” she her calm reply

“That’s not true. I just had a few emails to reply and a couple of stuff to sign then am all yours but come here first and greet me properly” he gives her his full attention

She sighs, stands up from the comfy sofa she was occupying and crosses the short distance towards Dele. He reaches out, pulls her closer bringing her to his knees. She lifts his glasses off his face as she buries her hands in his lush afro. They remain like this for a second before simultaneously closing the space between their faces.

The chemistry was electric. Only the knowledge of being in the office plus her tight pants that put a check in their fast spiral towards insanity.

He stops abruptly as he reopens the space between them. Fortunately, he had heard the discreet knock on the door. She hadn’t. He buries his head in her flat tummy mumbling “this is what you do to me” as they both try to regain leveled breathing. She finally disentangles her fingers from his hair patting it down.

Running her hands through her hair while he helps her straighten her clothes, he clears his throat as she returns to the sofa across the room.

“Come in” he calls out as the door opens to reveal a tall dark lady. Glancing suspiciously into the room as she walks in.

“Good evening” She says to Lara as she moves closer to Dele’s desk

“Hello Dele” not bothering to hear Lara’s mumbled response

“I am on my way home and wanted to say goodnight. Did you see the general memo the chairman sent during lunch?”

“Esther, I’d like you to meet Lara my fiancee. Lara, Esther is the chairman’s daughter and she has been so helpful. Remember how I told you she likes to take care of me on your behalf? Bringing me lunch and even early dinners sometimes” Dele made brief introductions

Lara quick to the cue “Oh! Good evening Esther. Allow me to say a big thank you for taking care of my man while I was away. I must say you are doing a good job” she chuckles “You should allow me thank you properly by inviting you to dinner at the house one of these days before I return to Lagos”

Flustered and not as fast on her feet as she’d like, Esther could barely put together a coherent response. She hadn’t expected Lara to act so friendly and not feel threatened. What wasn’t Dele telling her. Were they engaged already? Even if they were? Or has Lara tied Dele in her clutches she acts so confident no other woman could lure him away. She smiles.

“Thank you Lara. I should take you up on that offer one of these days.”

“I will see myself out. Enjoy your evening.”

“Thank you. we will” Lara answers for both of them as Dele was once more buried in desk work and hardly paid them any mind.

Lara smiled a secret smile. 1-0. She and Esther knew she had won this round and they were both going to retreat and sharpen their claws for whenever the next round may be which both women were determined to win and Lara was certain not to concede.

So, Esther has designs on my man and Dele as expected is oblivious to the fact. That blab mouth Anna is good for this place. The heads-up she gave me was invaluable. Allowed me not to be taken totally unawares. I must remember to give her money for her t-fare on our way out. She was smiling at him steadily now secured in the knowledge that he was all hers to do with as she desired. She however couldn’t let Anna believe her tips and clues were totally useless. She had facilitated Anna’s employment. Anna was her eye in this office but all she truly needed her for, was to watch Dele. A woman couldn’t ever be too careful even with a seemingly clueless man like him. Even a clueless one is still a man when he wants to be. Thankfully, he did not have crazy friends that he was close to. Most of his friends were always busy like him if not more that was why she could afford to stay away 3 months a stretch. She needed to break that routine. She told herself firmly as he finally looks up smiling his heartwarming smile at her. He was her sunshine man.

“Lets go home” he says getting up in one fluid motion as she gathers up her purse and jacket without arguing.  Getting to the reception, Lara moves closer to the girl and neatly palms her the cash for her transport mouthing “thank you Anty”.

“Anna am closing for the day. please remember to lock my office when you leave”


He was always so efficient, her Dele. He looked at her and winked. She knew what that meant and she smiled back enthusiastically. She was in for one long night of bliss thankfully, today was a Friday.

As he backed out of the drive, her phone began to ring. She silently prayed it was not Malik because that would be disastrous. It was her girlfriend in Kubwa. With all the fun she was having, she had totally forgot to call ahead and let her know she would not be coming home tonight. Her friend must have cooked dinner and would be furious to have it waste.

“Hello” Lara says carefully

“You are not coming home tonight eh?” Came the sharp attack

“Am sorry. Many things happened and I forgot to call to let you know. Am so sorry. Hope you had not cooked dinner yet?” trying to explain

“You will always have an excuse. I always tell you let me know.” she grumbled

“Am sorry. I’ll tell you all about it when we see” she persuaded

“Alright. say hi to Dele for me”

“I’ll tell him. bye”


“My friend says hi”

“Am saying hi too” they both laugh. She couldn’t understand it but both of them never could stay in the same room without exploding after barely five minutes.

He begins ravishing her from the moment he turns the ignition off. That was the way with them. it was only Dele that had ever succeeded in taking her to heights of ecstasy. He knew exactly where to touch, kiss, stroke and press to make her beg to jump out of her skin. He was her sensuous nerd. The truth was that each moan from her drove him crazier and made him want to crush the whole slim length of her underneath him. He was suddenly impatient with all the frills of her attire and barely restrained himself from ripping them off her.

Both staggering indoors still kissing and touching each other, he had left their jacket in the car along with her purse and his briefcase. Oh well! the car keys were in the front pocket of his pant.

She wasn’t even sure how they got the front door unlocked. They were still kissing and struggling with each other’s clothes as they approached the plush rug they both knew was behind her.

Suddenly, they heard a car pull up to the gate and honk twice. Long honks. It was as if he received an electric shock.

“Shit! I totally forgot Dapo was coming over tonight” He throws out casually

It was as if someone had thrown cold water on her face. Of all the days to come over. She didn’t get along well with his only brother even though Dele was older than him. She felt the boy looks at her like she had something dirty on her and just couldn’t wait to get proof. He looked like he was perpetually sneering and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Here was one she had to be careful with.

They listen as the gate opens and Dapo drives in. He pulls her in for one last lingering kiss

“Postponed. We will finish this soon without further interruptions”


He kisses her fully on the lips “there’s your promise” he replies as he watches her walks upstairs to clean up and prepare for later. Now, he had to find a way to finish with his brother fast and with as little suspicion as possible so he won’t get it in his head to sleep over. He opened the door as Dapo raises his hands to knock.


9 thoughts on “LIES WOMEN TELL Episode #4

  1. Wicked pipu like that Dapo won’t ever choose a good time to show up. Dude’s about to ‘get busy’ and he shows up.
    Meanwhile, I hope it wouldn’t be Malik calling when Lara is in the throes of passion or Esther calling when Mr. Oga is taking a shower. What won’t my perverse mind conceive.
    Saturday seems far but what can one do than to wait…

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