My Spirit Airline Fiasco

Oh well! I needed to write. Couldn’t remember if I told you all about my trip on Spirit airline, if I did already, you still need to read for new additions, and if I had not, here’s the full story……….

I had been touring North America for a bit – fact is, most of my stipend as a Fulbright fellow went to fund my trips : Vegas, Orlando, Tampa, Virginia, DC, Baltimore, Philly, San Francisco, Anaheim……forgot the rest.

Anyway, on this trip, i was running low on funds but because my ticket to see the sights at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld were already paid for, I needed to find the cheapest flight to take me there. So, here I was surfing Cheap flights online and Spirit deals kept popping onto my screen. My roommate had not plenty idea how they really operated so I decided to take a chance.

This is what I learnt by this experience.

I woke up early and took the subway from Midtown Manhattan to Grand Central where the Airport shuttle is. Getting to the airport was a breeze. I was on time. This is where it gets interesting. I walk up to the Spirit airline desk to check in and because I had a small carry-on box, I was feeling safe until the lady informed me I would have to pay $50 for my carry-on. I looked at her sideways to be sure she wasn’t the crazy one. She wasn’t kidding so am standing there debating on canceling the trip or just squeezing through the barricades onto the plane. I did neither. I brought out my phone, dialled my roommate and told her what happened. Yup, you guessed it. she laughed long and hard and told me I had little choice that these airlines deceive people with low fares which they tack back on somehow when you come to check in and as I was there already. Pay up!

Debit card out, i grumbled, paid, got a receipt and headed to my boarding gate.

And what would you think they gave out as refreshments on the plane – nothing!………..some water, juice and pastries. I was just a tiny bit miffed. I didn’t smile back at the hostesses and pilot when i disembarked.

I enjoyed the rest of my trip and after a week, I did some laundry in readiness to return to NYC and yup, just as you guessed it. Spirit airline was gonna tack on another $50 for my bag again after i showed them the receipt from the first $50 bag fee, the desk officer nicely informed me that $50 was for one way and I could have paid $75 RT in the beginning *rolled my eyes at that cos I wasn’t given that nice piece of news earlier* She went on to let me know that if I wasn’t pulling a carry-on, i.e if my carry-on was a tote or military styled bag, I won’t have been charged. Then I realized I was dealing with a conniving, sneaky airline. Carryon vs bag? Helloooooo! Why wasn’t this stated in their good-looking-xmas-wannabe-deal? Why didn’t the silly lady that checked me in at LaGuardia tell me this either? I was there for 15long minutes. Long enough for the sentence to drop. Experts!

What to do now? Go back and continue staying in Florida and pay a $70 taxi cab back to my friend’s place where I put up, Pay the stupid $50 carry-on fee for boxes or buy a tote bag for $50? Yup! picked the last option and went home $100 broke and angrier.

Perfect way to end a nice trip. Thank you Spirit airlines. I’ll remember never to look a gift horse in the mouth. Haha!