Daddies & Daughters

How close is a daughter to her father?

Do we really know until she is out of diapers or until she has had her first date or 2nd divorce?

Daughters may naturally be close to their dads but dads also love being close to their little girls which always reminds me of Beyonce’s song “Daddy”. The lyrics ring so true it touches a place deep in my heart where nothing else lives but a father’s love.

My dad was my best friend. He understood me even when my mum did not. He agreed with me, stood by me when the boys were being jerks and he also helped me weed out all the crazies and set my heart straight.

Throughout my college days, I never had to worry about Valentine’s day because my dad always took me out. I would call him in the morning, arrange a time convenient for him because work does not stop in the real world on Feb 14th. I wouldmeet him at wherever he was taking me or wherever I had chose for that year, and we always had a great time. I felt I didn’t need a boyfriend because my dad did dates better. That continued even when I graduated and left home. At which point, he would send money into my account to take myself out. Of course I had a boyfriend at this point.

Dads always tell you boys are bad for you. All they want to do is ruin your future. They never tell you they are scared of losing you to a boy is why they tell you all these scary stories. I remember my first time away from home officially. I was an NYSC corper in a village in Ibarapa North Local Govt, Eruwa-Oyo state. My dad drove the 14 hours to see me. He took an overnight stop though at one point but he came all the way just to see me. I was excited. Then, he found a boy’s picture among my collection where I was hanging onto this fella’s neck as if my life depended on it. At the time, I was crazy and mad about the fella but guess my dad knew it wouldn’t go anywhere because he didn’t bother bringing it up. Or perhaps, he began to recognize I was old enough to have a boyfriend. I was 22.

I miss you dad and I wish the years back sometimes.


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